What our program is about:


Customizable Nutritional Meal Plans

Nutrition is our primary focal point. We place a high emphasis on our meal planning because we know its 90% Nutrition and 10% Exercise. So, to ensure you receive the results you are looking for we created a very simple and color coated plan to help you lose weight and build muscle. This plan will include a grocery list of healthy food items. A 90 min meal prep instructions to help you set up for the week. Cook book recipes of our most tasty and delicious food items and smoothies. Traveling and Restaurant ordering tips and meals. All accessed through our companies app.


Body Composition Assessments

Each member of our team will be evaluated by going through our step by step  measurement procedure. Our Body Composition Assessments are used as a tool to keep track of your health. This includes the following: Weight, Body fat %, BMI, BMR, Muscle mass and Calorie Intake. Once completed your photo will be taken and placed in file.


Physical Training Tests

Each member of our team will participate in a physical training test at the first Monday of the Month. This process will be used as a measuring tool to determine your current level of fitness while keeping track of your daily progress throughout the entire program. You will also be required to retake your physical training test at least once a month. After three months in our program you will receive a Certificate of Completion. 


Low to High Intensity Workouts

Lastly, our exercise program runs at a full hour consisting of Low to High Intensity Interval Training with the use of free weights. Each body part is broken down by the days of the week. Meaning one day we isolate your leg muscles and the next we focus on your chest. This is so you can give your body adequate rest in order to grow and heal properly. This will also prevent any future injuries as well.


Remote 1 on 1 Coaching

We are completely scalable. So, no matter where you are located we are here to help. With our new online attachments we will coach you through step by step on what you need to do to lose the weight and build muscle. You will have full access to us 24/7 and will be coached through zoom meetings. You will also be provided  with at home workout videos and nutritional meal plans specific to your goals and plenty of Accountability. 

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